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Foto: Joachim Rode

Full and Large Scale Testing

Full and Large Scale Testing is aimed at testing the entirety of a structure. In CASMaT we can test slender structures such as wind turbine blades up to 45 meters in length.
Photo: Flemming Jørgensen

Substructure and Component Testing

Substructural testing is aimed at testing localized phenomena such as the response of a part of a structure without having to test the entire structure. Component testing is typically carried out to validate new analysis models or to qualify a subset of a new structural design.

Material testing

Material testing is performed on specimens (coupons) having a well-defined geometry and dimensions in the order of 10-50 cm.
Besøg hos testfaciliteter/Visit to test facilities. Foto: DTU Byg

Microscale Testing

Microscale mechanical testing aims at identifying the smallest mechanisms and properties of a structure. The equipment at CASMaT can examine samples down to a spatial resolution of 0.7 - 20 microns.