The 21st century marks an era of technology transition where structures are becoming larger and testing devices are made smaller, rendering the possibilities of (destructive) full-scale testing for certification and design purposes impractical and expensive. 
Multiscale experimentation and modeling provides means to address these challenges and to enable more cost efficient and reliable engineering structures. At the same time, experience and investigations within the past decades have shown that progress in multiscale research is only possible, if material models are based on the true physical nature of the underlying phenomena studied and if theoretical predictions are tested against thorough experiments. This highlights the need to direct further efforts towards enhancing the synergy between multiscale experimentation and modeling.

CASMaT hosts a series of annual international symposiums on multiscale experimental mechanics - ISMEM. The purpose is to create a forum for experimentalists, researchers and end-users of research results for presentation and discussion of the latest results in experimental mechanics across length scales. See more about the symposiums here: 

ISMEM 2017

ISMEM 2016
24 NOVEMBER 2020